March 22-25, 2018

The Secret to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

What makes Soul Power different from other retreats?

Many retreats are focused on yoga and include strict schedules, early morning rising and maybe even special juice fasts. While there will be the opportunity for body movement at Soul Power retreat, this retreat is focused on slowing down, tuning into your inner wisdom (your soul power) and a schedule that doesn’t feel rushed and lots of time for you to give yourself exactly what you need in the moment…no matter what.


What’s included in this retreat experience?

Accommodations at the Takhini Hot Springs Hostel, comfy & home-like –it’s a shared room – double occupancy  and  a shared bathroom.
Delicious healthy meals prepared by your retreat team under the guidance of professional Food Wrangler, Lue Maxwell.

A spa treatment (pampering), daily entrance to the hot pools, daily sisterhood sharing circle with support, self-care sessions, breakthroughs & sharing!

It’s truly a time to focus on YOU without any other distractions.

Some people have asked “Why is it so expensive?” And my answer is simply to ask you “What is your life worth?” This experience is an investment in your life.

Not included
Airfare, taxi or other transportation costs to Whitehorse, Yukon and Takhini Hot Springs.
Travel insurance, including travel health insurance.
Items of a personal nature.
Any additional tours or activities.


Who else is going?

The women coming on this retreat are absolutely phenomenal! They are open-hearted women with a deep desire to say YES, be more deeply connected with their inner-wisdom, amp-up their self-care and make a difference in the world with their big life dreams! AND truly TAKE CHARGE of their lives knowing that there will be a  ripple effect.


How do I know I’m the right type of woman for this retreat?

This retreat is not for everyone.

Here’s a list of things that will help you determine if it’s for you:

  • You want to determine what YES means to you
  • You are burnt out, exhausted and need to get away from it all
  • You are desiring time and space just to yourself
  • You are normally the giver, but are ready to receive and have all of your needs met
  • You are longing to have a circle of women who you can count on
  • You want to unplug from work, from technology and just be without any responsibilities
  • You want to feel completely at peace while surrounded by nature and the beautiful scenery in Takhini
  • You want to do something just for YOU
  • You want to take time just to rest, recharge & rejuvenate
  • You want to feel free to express yourself without fear of what people might think
  • You feel like something is missing in your life and have a sense that your soul is craving adventure
  • You want to go somewhere where you can reset your thoughts and gain clarity on the next steps in your life
  • You want to set your inner “wisdom” light on fire to feel more self-confident and love yourself…no matter what


I’ve never felt comfortable sharing in front of a group?

No worries – sharing is an invitation, not a Have To!  Some people learn by observing and listening, you’re perfect the way you are.  You just need to say…


I’ve never travelled to the North – could this retreat be for me?

YES! This is the perfect trip to take if you have never traveled to the Yukon. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about planning anything other than your travel. You make your travel arrangements – if you need to be picked up at the airport, let us know asap.

There are  2 Canadian Airlines that provide year round service– Yukon’s  very own Airline – Air North – and Air Canada

Two seasonal airlines: Westjet – and Condor flies to Whse. from Frankfurt!

We’ve got you covered. Each woman gets to just show up and trust that everything is handled…ahhh. Relaxing.


What will be the main benefit of going on this retreat?

Because each woman is unique, the benefits will vary depending on what you are intending to receive from the retreat.

However, the main benefits that ALL women will experience at Soul Power Retreat are:

  • Clarity – effortlessly discover what you want in life and the next steps to get from where you are now to living your dreams
  • Release – receive support in processing your emotions, letting go of past hurts and creating a Self-Care plan to nurture yourself and your needs, wants & desires
  • Connection – long-time friendships with other loving, vulnerable women that you can feel safe with
  • Recharge and rest – fill your cup so that it’s overflowing and you have more than enough energy to give when you return home
  • Radiance – activate your inner feminine fire to feel more confident and beautiful and move forward with grace and peace in your life

Some things you’ll notice after the retreat:

  • You have the confidence to be honest with yourself. Saying YES to you and no to others – guilt free.
  • You’ll notice that you have more energy, are more productive with less effort while having more fun!
  • You amplify your ability to ask for and accept help from others without feeling indebted to them.

As with all of our events, we will create a sacred, restorative space for sharing and practicing exceptional self care.


Is this retreat all “fluff” or “airy-fairy” or “religious”?

I personally believe in the phrase “Don’t just do something – stand there” and “Do nothing, accomplish everything.” I’ve seen this work time and time again with myself and my clients. There’s a “soul”full / spiritual element – whatever this means to you.


I love the idea of going on a retreat and I really need it, but I have big dreams so I’d rather invest my $$ in programs that help me further those dreams instead of a vacation.

It never fails that a transformational retreat (NOT just a vacation) provides the breathing-space to refuel your mind, body and soul – both personally AND for big business goals. Then, when you enter back to your normal routine…BAM! You are on fire with fresh ideas and the energy to make them happen at rapid speed.

If I wouldn’t have gone to women’s retreats, or my own solo retreats,  I wouldn’t be where I am in my business and my life.  I wouldn’t have an amazing relationship with my husband & our son, released toxic relationships because I stood up for what I believe in (not intentionally hurting others).….AND, it all happened because I gave myself the time and space to invest in ME.

Plus, at the retreat, you will have me as your Soul Power Coach, guiding you towards your dreams along the way.


How can I come when I don’t have time off work?

Gosh- I understand this one as I have worked a part-time job that involved travel in addition to running my business helping women with soul power (energy).

Here’s an idea that I’ve used before: Have a conversation with your boss. Let them know you understand you don’t have any time off that you can take BUT you’ve come across a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (they don’t have to know the details). Ask them what they think about you taking the time off, and then it coming out of your bank of time once you receive it. Your excitement could lead them to granting you the time off!

You could also let them know that this will benefit your capacity to be more focused and productive at work!


What is the investment?
I’m worried I don’t have the $$ to come on the retreat.

I don’t reveal the investment amount upfront for a few reasons – no matter the investment amount (from a $40 bra to a $200,000 house) we tend to get “sticker shock” when we’re making a big leap.

Then, because we’re in shock, we start telling ourselves it’s too overwhelming, we don’t deserve it, it’s too much of an investment, [insert reason here].

And there goes the light of possibility that was beaming right in front of you. So…to help support you in avoiding sticker shock, and moving to a place where you are making a decision that is a clear choice, based upon the benefits of investing in YOU, I only provide the investment amount after you’ve selected “sign me up.”    Or you save your spot with the deposit.

I’m happy to jump on the phone, have a conversation and determine that we BOTH feel you are right for this Soul Power retreat AND ready to hear the investment. Also, if you aren’t feeling like you have the money, I would encourage you to ask yourself…Is this REALLY true?

Sure you might not have the cash in your wallet, but you probably have access to getting the investment. When we want something bad enough, we can get creative in coming up with the investment. Do you have a savings account? A friend or relative who could loan you the money? A RRSP you could pull from? A credit card you can make payments on? If you’re committed to your Soul Care, then I invite you to be committed to find the funds to invest in YOU.


This retreat sounds great, and I’d love to go, but it’s not the right timing for me. Will you be doing another retreat?

While it is my intention to continue doing retreats to support women in taking charge of their lives and saying YES (self care=soul care) to themselves, I also work from listening to my inner wisdom and guidance.

My question to you would be: When WILL it be the RIGHT time? If you are feeling called to come on retreat, follow your intuition – the time is NOW!

Will I be accepted and my voice given value? I’ve had bad experiences before.
This always saddens me to hear – I’ve heard it from so many of my clients and women who attend my events.

It’s not our fault. As women, we’ve been conditioned by society to compete. We’ve been trained that there isn’t enough to go around – not enough love, success and happiness. This is totally ludicrous. We NEED each other. There is nothing more powerful than women who support each other. I’ve been leading a variety of women’s group for 20+ years. AND I practice what I teach.

So, you can trust me that I will create a safe atmosphere so that you can relax, be yourself, be vulnerable, and furthermore, create lasting bonds with the women at this retreat!

AND remember, you get to choose how much you want to share!


What qualifies you Mo, to organize & lead a soul-power retreat?

I love this question! …. learn my story and why I’m SUPER qualified to organize a retreat and help women with breakthroughs around their Soul Power!

That all sounds interesting but I’m not sure my husband/partner will support me investing in this.

I’d be happy to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you partner.

If Soul Power Retreat is calling my name and pulling at my heart, what is the process for getting signed up?

First off…YAYYY!! Just the fact that you’re listening to your heart is a BIG deal. I know sometimes not knowing how you’ll get from point A to point B can be intimidating, so here’s a peek into the process: 1. Hop on over to

Here is the link that you can click on and take you right to the sales page.
OR email me at if you need to discuss alternate payment method or a payment plan.

You’ll receive an email and registration package once you’ve paid.


​OR…Want to talk to a live person? Call 867-993-3451



Mo Caley-Verdonk, coach + facilitator + self care strategist

Inspired Living Life Coaching’s founder Mo Caley-Verdonk believes women who honour themselves are empowered to make their families, communities and the world stronger, healthier and happier.

For that reason she is passionate about imparting insight – what you see, hindsight – what you know and excite – what you want.

Inspired to shift your attention, keep you focused and move you forward, so you have the time and energy to get where you are going.

Mo has decades of experience helping women reclaim their lives, and having the energy and enthusiasm to live joyful, confident and balanced lives.

This became even more of a passion for Mo in 2014  she had what she calls a “breakthrough” that left her initially feeling exhausted and confused. She’d been a self-care activist and teacher for years and here she was…depleted, resentful and feeling burned up!  She thought she’d been doing all the “right things.”  This led to her embarking on a deeper dive into her personal journey and learned that what was missing was “her” and by being truly honest with herself and tapping into her heart about what was really important to her she figured that out and wants to share this with you!


co-facilitator + coach + food wrangler!

Lue, an engaging coach, facilitator and host – believes that there are tasty ways to optimize your wellness without deprivation and medication. Lue empowers women with the knowledge and tools they need to create their own recipe for delicious living.

Her passion for travel, people and cooking sends her on international adventures to seek ways to marry these three loves together while running half marathons across the country.​

​The Secret to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

MARCH 22-25, 2018


Like everything in life, what you put into this retreat is what you will receive from it.
When you come with an open mind willing to change – magic can happen if you are willing to take action.
We cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.

Know that you will be supported here, you will not be judged, and you will be respected as we expect you will respect others.